20 years in the making: Automated dimensioning is here to save the day


The automated dimensioning solution have become a new buzzword in the warehouse sectors because it lessens most of the manual works and generates error-free outcomes. This podcast video validates how automated dimensioning solutions can save your day!

3 questions this podcast will answer:


How the automated dimensioning solution replaced the traditional dimensioning method?


What are five robust reasons you should consider while choosing an automated dimensioning system for your industry?


What is the vMeasure Parcel Pro S100 automated dimensioning systems?

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Podcast Transcript:
Have you heard someone talk about automated dimensioning systems and wonder if it’s all just high? Did you assume that once the pandemic is over, the e-commerce madness will fall and it’ll all quietly go away? Well, guess what? automated dimensioning systems have been around for over two decades It has been building momentum for more than 20 years gained speed in 2015 with the introduction of dim pricing and finally in 2020 saw a surge in adoption because of Covid
It’s not just major carriers and top retail brands using this groundbreaking technology to break free from traditional dimensioning solutions. Automated dimensioning technology has certainly come a long way from the archaic ways of using a tape and a clipboard or even laser-based systems. Today’s companies are leveraging Edge ai and computer vision part warehousing technologies. In case you’re still unsure why you need to get on board, here are five great reasons you should seriously consider automated dimensioning systems. The first reason is that you can use a robust automated framework to measure attributes accurately and quickly, such as length, breadth, height, volume, and weight. Second, you can get a vivid picture of the package before shipped, and you can calculate the transportation charges based on an accurate load limit. Third, you can reduce the cost barrier by preventing revenue loss due to hidden costs that can be attributed to imperfect measurements. Fourth you can boost your workforce productivity by automating your system, thereby increasing profitability due to the economics of scale. And finally, you can get higher customer satisfaction, due to on-time shipments, thus improving the relationship with your customers. Well, parcel dimensioning is the backbone of any e-commerce business, and in the world of e-commerce, space and time equals money. You can work this equation in your favor by using v-measure parcel pro for your warehouses powered by Edge ai and computer vision vMeasure parcel pro is a simple solid-state and low-maintenance parcel dimensioning solution. It offers the type of performance, speed, and accuracy that goes beyond what any other dimensioning solutions can claim to do. With dimensioning done in less than one second an ability to measure cubes, cuboids tubes, polybags, and irregular shapes just by using a single unit of vMeasure parcel pro, I can safely say that v-measure passer pro s100 is the world’s most practical parcel dimensioning solution If you’re willing to check out the measure parcel pro and take a step forward in the future of that housing, just connect with us on our website www.visailabs.com or ping us at sales@visailabs.com, and we would set up a call at your earliest convenience so we could ship a unit over to you and you could see what we are talking about. Till then, this is our phones, and looking forward to discuss with you more around automated dimensioning ciao!
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