Edge AI Vehicle Tracking, Detection and Recognition solutions

Plugin with Nvidia DeepStream SDK – tunable to major use cases

VisAI Platform – Vehicle Algo Accelerators

Vehicle line cross counting
Vehicle zone counting
Wrong way-lane watch
Average speed detection
License plate detection

Why VisAI Labs has Algo Accelerators Rather than an Edge AI Algo Platform?

  • Unlike Camera and edge processors Algo cannot be built with an one size fits all approach
  • There are no readily deployable edge AI based Algo platform
  • All models have to be tuned as per the specific use-case needs
  • VisAI Labs focuses on creating real world usable commercially viable solutions and not PoCs
  • The VisAI Algo Accelerators is a carefully curated set of pre-trained Algos which can be tuned as per the needs of the use case within 3-4 weeks.
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