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Nvidia Carrier Boards
Nvidia Carrier Boards
Ready to Deploy embedded cameras
Tunable Edge First AI And CV Algorithm
Tunable Edge first CV & AI Algorithms
Choice Of Interface
Choice of Interface (USB, MIPI, GMSL2)
Ready to Deploy PoC Kits
Pre-loaded with your choice of CV algorithms from VisAI Platform
Nvidia Jetson Nano

Gain inference on the edge and basic CV applications like Face Detection.

Supported cameras for Photon Carrier Board:

  • e-CAM50_CUNX – 5MP AR0521-based camera
  • e-CAM30_CUNANO – 3.4MP AR0330-based camera
e-CAM50_CUNX - 5MP AR0521
e-CAM30_CUNANO - 3.4MP AR0330
Nvidia Xavier

Deploy advanced applications like multi camera synchronized tracking, sports vision, etc.

Supported cameras for Rogue carrier board:

  • e-CAM20_CUXVR – 2MP Sony IMX290-based camera (for Indoor)
  • STURDeCAM20 – 2MP AR0230-based GMSL camera with IP67 enclosure (for Outdoor)
  • NileCAM30 – 3.4MP AR0330-based GMSL camera
e-CAM20_CUXVR - 2MP Sony IMX290
STURDeCAM20 - 2MP AR0230-based GMSL camera
NileCAM30 - 3.4MP AR0330
Nvidia Xavier NX

Build CV and AI applications like smart surveillance or smart parking lot management.

Supported cameras for Photon carrier board:

  • e-CAM50_CUNX – 2MP5MP AR0521-based camera (for Indoor)

Supported cameras for Rudi NX carrier board:

  • STURDeCAM20 – 2MP AR0230-based GMSL camera with IP67 enclosure (for Outdoor)
e-CAM50_CUNX - 5MP AR0521
STURDeCAM20 - 2MP AR0230-based GMSL camera
Choose from a repository of curated pre-trained and tunable Edge AI algorithms for fast PoC deployments.
Deploy in chosen development kits
Get pre-tested combinations of carrier boards and camera
Focus on validating your use case

Get a PoC up and running within 4 weeks!

Identify Processing power required for each Use Case

Choose Carrier Board

Connect with VisAI Labs team to choose the right camera

Identify set of tunable edge AI algorithms specific to your use-case

Define parameters of the PoC

Get PoC up and running in 4 weeks

Factors VisAI Labs consider for building Edge AI Vision Products

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