Design, Build, and Deploy Edge AI Solutions

Achieve faster GTM for your edge-based product with VisAI Labs’ Algo Accelerators for Face, People and Vehicle Detection

Over 300+ embedded products brought to market

At VisAI Labs, we provide the ultimate trifecta for successful AI solution creation and adoption.
Embedded Cameras
  • Created by parent firm e-con systems
  • 45+ different embedded camera products
  • Interface with USD, MIPI, GMSL or GIG-E Interfaces
Edge Processors
  • Preferred partner of Nvidia
  • Expertise across Intel Real Sense, Movidius, and iMX
  • Proprietary pre-trained algorithms - Face, People, and Vehicle Tracking
  • Expertise in Nvidia Deepstream SDK

What we offer –
Edge AI and CV services

Identification of the right camera and edge processor

AI and Computer Vision algorithm development

Porting AI models to edge

Accuracy improvement of AI models

Why VisAI Labs has Algo Accelerators Rather than an Edge AI Algo Platform?

  • Unlike Camera and edge processors Algo cannot be built with an one size fits all approach
  • There are no readily deployable edge AI based Algo platform
  • All models have to be tuned as per the specific use-case needs
  • VisAI Labs focuses on creating real world usable commercially viable solutions and not PoCs
  • The VisAI Algo Accelerators is a carefully curated set of pre-trained Algos which can be tuned as per the needs of the use case within 3-4 weeks.
Is there a problem in incorporating Edge AI and Computer vision into your products?