Edge AI People Tracking, Detection and Recognition solutions

Plugin with Nvidia DeepStream SDK – tunable to major use cases

VisAI Platform – People Algo Accelerators

People counting
Congestion detection
Dwell Time detection
Intrusion detection
Social distancing checker
Tracking across buildings

Why VisAI Labs has Algo Accelerators Rather than an Edge AI Algo Platform?

  • Unlike Camera and edge processors Algo cannot be built with an one size fits all approach
  • There are no readily deployable edge AI based Algo platform
  • All models have to be tuned as per the specific use-case needs
  • VisAI Labs focuses on creating real world usable commercially viable solutions and not PoCs
  • The VisAI Algo Accelerators is a carefully curated set of pre-trained Algos which can be tuned as per the needs of the use case within 3-4 weeks.
Watch Vehicle Algo Demo
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