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Creating practical and real-world deployable solutions 

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Unlock the power
of Computer Vision
Creating practical and real-world deployable solutions
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Life at Visai Labs
Who we are

VisAI Labs, founded in 2018, is incubated by e-con Systems – one of the leading embedded camera manufacturers in the world.

At VisAI Labs, we take the recent advancements in Vision and AI and are fashioning it towards bringing Vision Cognition to machines.
We accelerate the real-world adoption of edge AI Computer Vision applications by providing a practical approach, led by engineers and industry experts.
Over two decades of industry-focused experience, with  e-con Systems, has brought 150+ embedded products to the market.

What does VisAI Labs do?

The VisAI Platform

A core set of accelerators powers VisAI Labs’ vision of making all cameras as vision sensors. It has over 50,000+ man-hours of effort that makes it a truly hardware-agnostic edge AI-enabled platform.


What sets us apart

Solving a Computer Vision problem requires a hardware platform, an algorithm or an AI model, along with the expertise to provide customized services.
VisAI Labs offers a complete solution, which is a combination of hardware, algorithms, and development services.
Hardware Support

Hardware support for popular edge computing platforms, with
multiple camera types such as Nvidia®, Coral®, Xilinx® and RealSense®.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision-focused edge AI platform, built from the ground up just to process vision data.

Ability to Deploy

Ability to deploy in multiple scenarios: On-Premise, Cloud, or Edge.

Industry Specific

Tailored to specific industry use cases.

Engagement Methodology

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