Parcel Pro S200

A simple, solid state & low maintenance parcel dimensioning solution for 3PLs, Warehouses and wholesale distributors


Dimension larger parcel sizes almost instantly.


Interface with weighing scales and your ERP system and create a completely digitize dimensioning process.


Use AI-enabled add-ons such as open, leaking, and broken box detection and packaging optimization to improve workforce efficiency and safety.

Watch the vMeasure Parcel Pro S200 Demo

Major features of vMeasure Parcel Pro

2-3 seconds dimensioning ability
Dimensions all major cubes and cuboids
Solid-state — no moving parts
High productivity features like Forgiving Alignment, Automatic Trigger, etc.
Simple interfacing with scales, barcodes, and all major WMS/ERP software
Package ‘Open to Live’ in less than 30 minutes — zero build-out
Measurement Specifications
30x30x30 cm
12x12x12 inches
80x80x80 cm
31x31x31 inches
+/- 10mm
+/- 0.4 inches

vMeasure Parcel Pro is custom-built for several industries

Dimensioning Solution Providers
Logistics & Supply Chain Solution Providers
Industrial Weighing Scales Providers


Intra Logistics Automation
 Order fulfilment centers
Solution add-ons
Get total visibility, control, and AI-enhanced insights of all your vMeasure devices. Scan data across the entire operation, with vMeasure operating system and AI-enabled dimensioning add-ons while using it as a valuable management or productivity tool.
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