Parcel Pro S100

A simple, solid state & low maintenance parcel dimensioning solution for E-commerce, Order Fulfilment centres


vMeasure Parcel Pro S100 aims to be the world’s most practical Parcel Dimensioning solution


Performance, speed, and accuracy – no matter the situation


Feature-packed with capabilities that go beyond what other dimensioning solutions claim to do

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Major features of vMeasure Parcel Pro

<1 sec dimensioning ability
Dimensions all shapes:

Cubes, Cuboids, Tubes, Polybags & Irregular shapes

Solid-state — no moving parts
High productivity features like Forgiving Alignment, Automatic Trigger, etc.
Simple interfacing with scales, barcodes, and all major WMS/ERP software
Package ‘Open to Live’ in less than 30 minutes — zero build-out
Measurement Specifications
10x10x10 cm
4x4x4 inches
50x40x30 cm
20x16x12 inches
+/- 5mm
+/- 0.2 inches

Unbox, assemble & dimension in 15 minutes

vMeasure Parcel Pro is custom-built for several industries


Dimensioning Solution Providers
Industrial Weighing Scales Providers
Logistics & Supply Chain Solution Providers
Intra Logistics Automation
 Order fulfilment centers
Solution add-ons
Get total visibility, control, and AI-enhanced insights of all your vMeasure devices. Scan data across the entire operation, with vMeasure operating system and AI-enabled dimensioning add-ons while using it as a valuable management or productivity tool.
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