vMeasure AI-enabled Dimensioning Add-ons

Adding intelligence is the next evolutionary step in automated dimensioning – vMeasure Intelligent SDKs are the initiators and forerunners of this evolution
AI Enablement
The next big thing in automated dimensioning for warehouses
Massive upsurge in e-commerce orders
Direct freight movement from the warehouse to the end-customer
Increase in freight volume — but value per freight/parcel has drastically reduced
Rising warehousing real estate costs
Increasing labor costs that are unexpected
Managing high volumes of customer SLAs

Intelligent Dimensioning AI Enablement offerings

Broken Box Detection SDK
  • Use the AI-enabled add-on to identify if the given box is broken, unpacked, or deviates from the expected shape
  • Cloud deployment
  • Deployable with vMeasure Parcel Pro and vMeasure
Package Optimization SDK
  • Based on pre-defined SKU size, it provides optimized packing box size and method of packing
  • Cloud deployment
  • Deployable with vMeasure Parcel Pro
Barcode Detection and Decoding SDK
  • Identify the location of the barcode and decode it
  • Cloud deployment
  • Deployable with vMeasure Parcel Pro and vMeasure Dimensioning Box

vMeasure Products compatible with AI Add-ons

Parcel Pro S100 – Put certainty and efficiency back in your freight charges
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