Why warehouse and distribution centres require an automated dimensioning system?

The quantity of internet orders is booming dramatically worldwide. Automated parcel dimensioning systems are already gaining fame in warehouses and distribution centres; these dimensioners may ease off the requirement for labour since they give 100% accurate data and, as a result, trustworthy billing.
Using automated parcel dimensioning systems amplify operations like carton optimisation, future capacity planning, quality control, and accurate dimensioning by providing real-time measurements and weight data.

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This episode discusses how an AI-enabled automated parcel dimensioning system assists warehouse and logistics operations bump up last-mile delivery efficiency.
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Podcast Transcript:
Automation has provided a long way to meet the various market needs that incorporate space-saving and improved warehouse productivity.

Also, the demand for automated parcel dimensioning systems has been in a higher trend as they do massively improve parcel throughput.
So how dimensioning helps improve parcel throughput? I have four reasons here.
Number 1. Accuracy. Precise dimensional data can do wonders.
we can rapidly eliminate inaccurate dimensional measurements by installing the appropriate automated dimensioners.
Number 2. Enhanced space optimisation: as space is the heart of the warehouse.
The automated parcel dimensioners help determine the required space amount to stow the vast amount of parcels and pallets.
Numer 3: increased productivity: The automated dimensioning system can capture the product’s image and record the dimensional details all in one go, increasing productivity and making all our lives simpler.
And number 4: Reduced shipping cost.
Owners and customers both don’t like to pay an extra charges
Keeping this in light, we can deploy automated dimensioners to eliminate errors, which aids in reducing unnecessary shipping costs.
Now by understanding these benefits, you can deploy automated dimensioning systems to your logistics centres and warehouse.
And that’s the logistics insight for today.
This is AIphonse, signing off, Bye

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