Why is it a “NOW” moment for warehouse modernisation?

With the introduction of eCommerce, several sectors have realised that digitisation is the only way to go forward. Because of that, many logistics and warehouse businesses have begun to change their working prototypes as online sales acquire massive popularity worldwide. However, because of the rise in online purchasing, logistics and warehouse operators are under pressure to complete their doorstep deliveries at the earliest. However, following the traditional functionality, which is time-consuming and prone to mistakes, is not feasible. As a result, the logistics and warehouse sectors should implement automation to mitigate tedious work and assign other exciting tasks to the warehouse associate.

What do you think you’ll take away from this episode?

This episode fills the vacuum by providing a convincing rationale for utilising artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies to automate your warehouse.
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Podcast Transcript:
As time passes, various eCommerce frims esp in the SMB sector have understood that investing in warehouse automation is the only way to the future.
warehouse automation can boost efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, which is actually more beneficial in last-mile conveyance.

But Before analysing and understanding warehouse automation technologies, you need to know the crucial benefits of modernising the warehouse:

First it’s dropshipping.

Today, people are used to placing the order and receiving them in one day or two or even the same day.

And the businesses who do not modernise will not be able to provide the same quality of service.

The dropshipping trend permits manufacturers and wholesalers to build the overall revenue and gain more customers by building direct-to-client channels.

Next it’s is Quick transport: After ordering the product online, the price is no longer the competitive differentiator; however, receiving the product on time turns a fundamental part.

Transporting the product quickly and efficiently is not just a competitive differntiator. It’s a major point of parity.

Here, We should streamline warehouse operations by deploying appropriate automation technologies like automated parcel dimensioning systems, drones, autonomous robots, and guided vehicles.

The last is the flexible pickup methods for multiple orders: Picking and sorting is the one genuine cycle that requires more focus.

Enabling adaptable picking and sorting automation solutions can diminish the pointless shipping costs and significantly increase its supply chain throughput.

Modernising your warehouse doesn’t have to include completely overhauling the entire system.

You can successfully optimise and streamline working patterns by using relevant point to point warehouse automation solutions.
This is Alphonse signing off And that’s the Logistics insight for today.

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