Why is automated logistics for eCommerce focused SMBs is so crucial in the supply chain?

Why is automated logistics for eCommerce focused SMBs is so crucial in the supply chain
Automation now provides SMBs with a significant benefit in accelerating productivity and building a cutthroat edge when deployed across multiple streams and wings. Warehouses and logistics are now integrating new technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, and machine learning as they enter a consolidation period. In addition, consumer expectations in e-commerce necessitate new technologies to fulfil last-mile delivery and boost customer experience effectively. According to the supply chain sector, one of the essential methods to do this is to reduce employee dependency and make jobs more accessible and efficient.

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This episode talks about the top three reasons why logistics is critical in the supply chain for eCommerce SMBs.
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Podcast Transcript:
Any successful business owner understands how critical it is to have well-organised logistics.
They also recognise that integrating logistics into th overall business systems is critical to meeting client needs and surpassing the competition.

Regardless of your company’s location or sector, automated logistics may help you save money and time when moving items from one place to another.

Today, Let us discuss the top three reasons why logistics is crucial in the supply chain for e-commerce SMBs

Reason 1. Well-coordinated logistics yields excellent business outcomes.

The role of logistics in supply chain management is critical.

Each consumer wants their things to arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Smart logistics organisations use knowledgeable individuals and automation to match product flow patterns most conveniently and practically possible.

Reason 2. Automated logistics enables companies to produce value.

Providing value to consumer entails more than just quality and quantity. It also refers to the availability of resources.

By optimising merchandise and assuring product availability, logistics develops and expands the value businesses provide.

The last reason is that logistics aids in cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.

Logistics has become the soul of the supply chain as global trade has grown in popularity.

Using automation to improve logistics can uplift efficiency and reduces unnecessary cost reduction.

This is Alphonse, Product Manager of VisAI Labs And that’s the logistics insight for today.

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