Why do e-commerce SME firms invest in Automated parcel dimensioning systems for their order fulfilment centres?

Why do e-commerce SME firms invest in Automated parcel dimensioning systems for their order fulfilment centres
Today, several countries have seen a significant increase in online purchasing. However, because of the increased number of online orders, warehouses and distribution centres are rushing to complete the fulfilment process. And this is not easily accomplished by using the traditional dimensioning method. Understanding this, several eCommerce SMEs are in a rush to adopt automated parcel dimensioning systems to their workspace to simplify the dimensioning process effectively.

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This episode gives you a clear understanding of how an agile warehouse should work and justifies why eCommerce SMEs rush to invest in automated parcel dimensioning systems to complete the order fulfilment process effectively.
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So Automation and improvement in Pick and pack efficiency is the key to delivering orders on time.

But after almost two years of working with customers procuring automated parcel dimensioning systems I have seen that esp. in the e-commerce world the reason to procure the systems are as varied as the products being shipped.

Some of the major reasons include Optimization of storage and compliance with DIM pricing. But a significant reason, which was also surprising to me was competitive differentiation.

As one of the first firms globally to provide an Automated parcel dimensioning system with simple to use interfaces and integrations and low pricepoints to e-commerce SMEs, as the first wave adopters they can compete better and grow faster

Also in addition to the above firms have the Need for faster response to exceptional or unexpected events and Optimize available assets (trucks, ships, etc.) whilst managing Customer demand for improved service.

An example, would be the sudden peak peak in demand for baby yoda figures and toys when the mandolorian seasons 1 and 2 were released.

Every client has a different reason to adopt automated dimensioning systems, but what they understand is that it improces pick and pack efficiency when integrated with the inbound and outbound processes.

The other benefits include Optimization of fulfilment and Improved record keeping whilst helping Improve supply chain efficiencies

This are truly some of the ways Automated parcel dimensioning solutions can help you improve your prick and pack efficiency.

This is Alphonse, Product Manager of VisAI Labs and that’s your logistics insights for today.

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