Modern warehouses of the future

Automated Dimensioning is revolutionizing warehouses logistics services providers – be a part of the change

Why warehouses are adopting automated dimensioning solutions?

Optimized storage & assets (trucks, ships, etc.)
Compliance with dimension-based pricing
Customer demand for improved services
Optimized & seamless fulfilment

How Automated Dimensioning is empowering modern warehouses?​

In this whitepaper, we will provide detailed information on the future of warehouses and third-party logistics services providers, especially how Factory 4.0 and the shift towards online retail is forcing enterprises to digitally transform.

More dimensioning power than ever before

vMeasure Parcel Pro S100
A compact tabletop box with faster dimensioning capabilities and easily integrate into all major solutions

Unique Value Proposition: AI-enabled dimensioning add-ons

Do not just view measurements, understand what they mean.

vMeasure’s repository of AI-enabled dimensioning add-ons allows you to increase the ROI of your automated dimensioning solution by using the AI-led software defined solutions.

These SDKs have out-of-the-box integrations with vMeasure suite of products.

5 reasons why dimensioning and weighing are MVPs of warehouses

Warehouses are dealing with rapidly-changing customer expectations and need for efficiency and flexibility through self-optimization.

How VisAIs’ CV enabled automated dimensioning system is revolutionizing warehouses?

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