Industrial Weighing Scale OEMs

Your weighing scales can provide better value with vMeasure dimensioning solutions
How does vMeasure help industrial weighing scale solutions?
Go beyond weighing scales – get a fully automated dimensioning suite to meet dimensional weight pricing demands
Harness an automated dimensioning suite that provides the weight, as well as the length, weight, and height of the parcel
Take advantage of a new industry shift by co-innovating and designing automated dimensioning systems
Leverage weighing scale product development expertise and use edge AI expertise to develop best-in-class solutions
Get readymade dimensioning products like vMeasure Parcel Pro S100 can integrate with your weighing scales
Use state-of-the-art AI/ML algorithms to provide intelligent dimensioning solutions

How we partner with Industrial Weighing Scale OEMs?

Brochure - vMeasure Parcel Pro

Put certainty back in your freight charges, with Parcel Pro - a low maintenance parcel dimensioning solution.

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