Bringing Intelligence to Dimensioning

Providing Computer Vision-based dimensioning solutions for building edge AI optimized applications

Dimensioning Solution

vMeasure is an AI-enabled dimensioning solution capable of measuring the length, height, and width of almost all objects. It also provides the decision-making inputs, based on your unique industry needs and requirements.

vMeasure is a part of a series of Computer Vision-enabled solutions, built by VisAI Labs to accelerate the development of real-world CV and edge AI computing solutions.

What does vMeasure provide?

vMeasure provides a comprehensive series of solutions to help you manage all your dimensioning needs.

Parcel Pro S100

A small and medium size parcel dimensioning solution for E-commerce, Order Fulfilment centres

Parcel Pro S200

A medium and Large parcel dimensioning solution for 3PLs, Warehouses and wholesale distributors

We also provide

vMeasure Dimension Integration Services

Integration services for the vMeasure dimensioning product and solution suite

vMeasure Enterprise Software 

Manage all your dimensioning data
in one place

Unique Value Proposition:
AI-enabled Dimensioning Add-ons

Do not just view measurements, understand what they mean. vMeasure’s repository of AI-enabled dimensioning add-ons allows you to increase the ROI of your automated dimensioning solution by using AI-led, software-defined solutions

These SDKs have out-of-the-box integrations with vMeasure suite of products.

How VisAIs’ CV enabled automated dimensioning system is revolutionizing warehouses?

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