Six ways dimensioning specialist can transform warehouses and logistics centres

Six ways dimensioning specialist can transform warehouses and logistics centres
The eCommerce trend is becoming the new normal as online buying becomes more prevalent. For most logistics and warehouse managers, delivering goods on time has become a nightmare. They must guarantee that items delivered to consumers’ doorsteps arrive on schedule and in pristine condition. Logistics service companies are increasingly functioning with dimensioning experts to promote warehouse efficiency. Dimensioning services may help warehouses increase profitability, reduce expenses, and improve efficiency.

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This episode sketches how dimensioning plays a momentous role in eCommerce and how are the dimensioning specialists deploy an automated parcel dimensioning system to retouch working efficiency.
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Podcast Transcript:
Logistic service providers today are increasingly collaborating with dimensioning specialists to transform the efficiencies of their warehouses.
The dimensioning services help warehouses boost profitability, reduce costs, and optimise productivity.

Now let’s see the six ways the logistics providers join forces with dimensioning specialists to transform their warehouse capabilities.

First way. Automate the dimensioning process

The conventional dimensioning process is time-consuming, error-prone, and workforce intensive, resulting in delays and concealed damages, dramatically affecting productivity.

Automating the dimensioning process assists in resourceful slotting, cartonization, and quality checks.

Also, it simplifies warehouse functionalities, reduces carbon footprint and wastage, thereby reducing operational costs and overheads.

The second way is enabling better decision making. Dimensioning specialists help logistics providers make better data-driven decisions in the warehouse.

Using the inputs’ insights, logistics firms can make optimal decisions in space allocations and quality corrections.

The third way is we can Determine warehouse rents.

Dimensioning experts used automated systems to determine an item’s exact value and volume to arrive at a fair rent or leasing arrangement.

Followed by the fourth way is can Increase throughput.

Dimensioning experts help logistics firms optimise warehouse workflows by designing automation systems and machinery upgrades based on the size and weight of the SKUs

The fifth way is enhancing revenue recovery.

Logistics firms struggle with financial losses due to faulty freight charges, incorrect packing damages, product returns, refunds, and replacements.

With the precise dimensioning measurements, Dimensioning experts help logistic companies to identify and rectify discrepancies, arrive at accurate costs, plan effective resource utilisation, and recover the revenue lost during the manual measurement days.

Legacy receiving systems are a substantial bottleneck in inbound logistics.

The incoming freight can be measured, captured, sorted, packed, and sent to its recommended location via AI-led material handling devices by deploying automated parcel dimensioning systems.

This is Alphonse, the Product Manager of VisAI Labs And that’s the logistics insight for today.

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