How is artificial intelligence applied in logistics, and what are the benefits?

How is artificial intelligence applied in logistics, and what are the benefits
Today, the warehouse and logistics sectors have been greatly revolutionized by artificial intelligence and computer vision technology. This AI-based computer vision solution can be a natural fit, enhancing efficiency from start to finish. As a result of this digital revolution, several warehouse and logistics centres have decided to deploy AI-led solutions in their workplace. In addition, these automation solutions can optimize the process, save cost, boost productivity, reduce manual error, and rapidly generate forecast demand reports.

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This video series discusses how artificial intelligence functions in the logistics industry and how the technology benefits the sector to raise profit.
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Podcast Transcript:
Today AI is revolutionising all industries, including logistics.
It is drastically transforming the way packages travel worldwide from automated dimensioning systems predictive analytics to automated vehicles and robotics in many ways.
It also helps us consolidate shipments increase price negotiation potential whilst helping us minimise harms delays and ambiguities during flight.

Today we’ll discuss the three significant benefits of implementing artificial intelligence in logistics

Number one AI eliminates hand-operated errors assigning teams to collect, manage and track data is a tedious and error-prone task. AI does this humongous task in no time without any human errors, and this accurate data management accelerates business and improves operational efficiency.

And number two, you can reduce cost price actually plays a paramount role and no one likes to spend on pointless charges many of the logistics companies devote more expense to shipping, and that is basically due to incorrect dimensioning by deploying these AI-led automated dimensioning systems we can cut out these pointless shipping costs and boost productivity and of course improve profitability.

And the last, of course, is automating your logistics processes the biggest things that can have happen to the logistics industry is automation. The perks of logistics automation are many, including cost-saving on labour time and inventory.

Furthermore, we can also rapidly complete these logistics process by preventing costly human errors and improving customer experience by deploying ai led hardware and software

and that, my dear friends, is the logistics in science for today

This is Alphonse signing off


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