How automated parcel dimensioning solutions helps CFOs of eCommerce enterprises?

How automated parcel dimensioning solutions helps CFOs of eCommerce enterprises
Today, several countries have seen a tremendous rise in online shopping. A shopper simply taps on the “Buy” option and anticipates receiving their products to their doorstep on an estimated period. However, due to increased online orders, warehouse and distribution centres rush to complete the fulfilment process. And this cannot easily be accomplished by following the conventional dimensioning approach. In contrast, warehouse associates use tape and rulers and weighing scales to gauge and measure different parcel sizes, and these methods can result in costly errors. By deploying an automated parcel dimensioning system, we can calibrate the dimensional information packages in a jiff.

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Podcast Transcript:
It’s the peak season. The quarter where more than 40% of your revenue is done.
You have calculated all the throughput needs with your COO. But the cost though.

How can you help your firm take advantage of peak sales without breaking the bank. That’s the CFO’s dilemma.

The first thing CFOs know is that order fulfilment centres and warehouses are cost centres.

These are the points of transits and here, pick, pack and order efficiency is very important if the CFO has to keep the costs low.

So pick, pack and order efficiency is nothing but the time taken for a warehouse worker to pick the units and pack it for each and every single order.

For every second shaved off in this process, the CFO will save a lot of dough.

Also, with rising warehouse space costs the CFO must be able to control costs at every level.

This can affect the bottomline of a firm.

So in this scenario the CFO is right now, focusing on the supply chain along with her COO or the Operations director and asks the question “How and where can I cut costs in my supply chain?”

From the CFO’s perspective Automated dimensioning can help in reducing costs on two fronts

The first is shipping chargebacks.

With transportation charges being on the higher side, a good automated dimensioning system at a price point of say 2,500 – 5,000 dollars or leased at a cost as low as 150 USD per month will mean that they can have more accurate dimensioning, leading to lower chargebacks and fines.

The second is space-saving.

With an increase in throughput, you need lesser space.

By the experience of our customers using our vMeasure Automated dimensioning systems, we have seen over 20-25% efficiency improvement in the picking and packing times.

This improves throughput. And increased throughput means smaller spaces, thus saving a CFO money.

This is some of the ways CFOs are aided by a firms usage of Automated Parcel dimensioning systems.

This is Alphonse, Product Manager of VisAI Labs, and this is the logistics insights of today

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