Discover the evolving role of automated parcel dimensioning systems in the supply chain journey.

Discover the evolving role of automated parcel dimensioning systems in the supply chain journey
The necessity for hyper-efficient, high-value warehousing services are growing exponentially with the on-demand economy. In response to changing demand, it has been one of the most profound lessons this year for the corporate world, and particularly the supply chain industry. To build resilience, what strategies will warehouses and distribution centres benefit from? Deploying automation technology can be the only solution to enable agility and efficiency in the warehouse. In the light of this, various supply chain industries have deployed an automated dimensioning system to calibrate the dimensional details of the products in a jiff as dimensioning plays a pivotal role in the eCommerce sector.

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In this logistics insight video, we help you figure out how an automated parcel dimensioning system is becoming a vital actor in the supply chain and taking it to a new level.
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Podcast Transcript:
The warehouse’s size grows or shrinks many times a year, depending on the order volume.
Most warehouse companies have outgrown their spaces several times this year due to the surge of online orders.

It is beyond the bounds of possibility to elevate a warehouse in a single day.

For that, you must initially conduct an in-depth analysis of many factors, including inventory turnover, accuracy, sales ratio, supply chain cycle time, demand forecast, and customer order cycle.

The deployment of new technologies like automated parcel dimensioning systems can play a massive role in warehouse and distribution centres.

These parcel dimensioners can calibrate the dimensional information of varied sized and shaped packages in a second.

Firms like eCommerce warehouses, order fulfilment centres, logistics suppliers, and intra-logistics can benefit from these automated dimensioning solutions.

But why do you want to procure the solutions without knowing their benefits?

Let’s see the top three benefits of deploying an automated parcel dimensioning system into your workspace.

The first is accurate precision. The parcel dimensioners can quickly generate exact product dimensional details, which aids in reducing pointless shipping costs.

Strictly speaking, you can use these dimensioners to replace the conventional dimensioning approach and eliminate manual errors.

The second is increased productivity and optimised storage space.

By positioning an appropriate dimensioning system, you can generate real-time dimensional information, save a significant amount of time, and reinforce space and productivity.

The last is enhanced customer experience.

Customer experience is one of the fundamental measures of business growth.

Focusing on the long-term revenue, various small and medium-sized firms improve their customer service processes.

By deploying the automated parcel dimensioning systems, you can prevent understocking, enhance order fulfilment, uplift delivery, and generate real-time forecast seasonal demand.

This is Alphonse the product Manager of VisAI Labs And that’s the logistics insight for today.

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