AI-Enabled Logistics and warehouse automation for e-commerce SMBs — Episodes 15–20

Vlog series AI-Enabled Logistics and warehouse automation for e-commerce SMBs — Episodes 11 - 20


  • AI and computer vision is revolutionizing logistics, warehouse automation, and supply chain industry verticals.
  • The Vlog series — AI-enabled Logistics and warehouse automation hosted by Alphonse Raj David Saloman, Product Manager, VisAI Labs will help demystify the latest advancements in the market and give you insights into the field.
  • If you want to consume the videos as and when they are released, follow Alphonse on Linkedin. He will be releasing the 50 episode vlog series one every weekday at 9:00 AM EST between June 1st 2021 to August 31st 2021.


The rate expansion of eCommerce is increasing in magnitude, resulting in a surge of online order demands. To match the customer expectations, several warehouses are in a rush to deliver the products promptly. But how can we fulfill customer expectations by following the traditional working prototype? Is it still a fantasy for eCommerce companies to transfer conventional paper-based activities to digital form? This is the phase where artificial intelligence enters the picture.
Right now, the eCommerce SMB sectors are rushing to reshape their working practices by implementing AI-driven warehouse solutions. Understanding this, VisAI labs have created a vlog series titled “AI-Enabled Logistics and Warehouse Automation for E-Commerce SMBs” to illustrate how AI is poised to revamp logistics and warehouse automation with an emphasis on the eCommerce industry.

We cover the following five videos (episodes 16 to 20) in these listicles, including the key takeaways and related links for each. You may also read our previous blog, which covers the last five episodes of the vlog (episodes 11 to 15) in detail.

Episode 16: How can we improve warehouse operation to boost quick delivery?

Are you still of the opinion that a conventional warehouse is a major contributor to last-mile delivery?
Nowadays, warehouses are the backbone of eCommerce businesses. Inefficient warehouses, however, do not ship or receive the products on time. Moreover, your firm loses money and credibility when the warehouse associate is not as productive as they should be. Understanding this, the warehouse owner must know how to streamline the operations smoothly. With the best mix of practices like automating the iterative tasks and deploying the right warehouse technology, we can effectively uplift warehouse operations and last-mile delivery.
As part of our logistics insight video series, Alphonse would suggest optimising the warehouse and logistics to improve last-mile delivery promptly.

Episode 17: Why should eCommerce SMBs automate, and what are the benefits of supply chain automation?

Hassle-free warehouse and logistics would still be a big deal for eCommerce without the automation?
Today, the growth of AI and eCommerce is outpacing in a big way. Several brick and mortar stores are going online because internet-based shopping is hot right now. However, considering the volume of backend operations involved, logistics and warehouse owners find it difficult to deliver goods on time. In order to achieve this, automation is a better solution than traditional warehouse methods.
Check out this video series for insight on why automated workspaces can amplify productivity and efficiency.

Episode 18: Why is automated logistics for eCommerce focused SMBs is so crucial in the supply chain?

What makes logistics automation a significant step in gaining a competitive advantage for eCommerce-focused small and medium businesses?
Automation now provides SMBs with a significant advantage in accelerating productivity and building a cutthroat edge when deployed across multiple streams and wings. As warehouses and logistics enter a consolidation period, they integrate new technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, and machine learning. In addition, consumers expect e-commerce to utilise new technologies to achieve last-mile delivery and boost customer experience. According to the supply chain sector, one of the essential methods to do this is to reduce employee dependency and make jobs more accessible and efficient.
This logistics insight video series offers an insight into why automated logistics are crucial to eCommerce supply chains.

Episode 19: Why is an automated inventory system so important for eCommerce firms?

Are you wondering why eCommerce companies consider a sophisticated inventory management system so valuable?
Several eCommerce firms aspire for consistency, effectiveness, and profit in today’s highly competitive business climate, yet time-consuming manual procedures continue to be a hindrance. An automated Inventory system helps optimise the value of your firm, whether you’re a small or a large-scale organisation. Despite the fact that E-Commerce is on the rise, warehouses and logistics centres are still unaware of the value of having a smart inventory system in place can do wonders.
This logistics insight video series Alphonse will help you better understand how automated inventory systems play a crucial role in eCommerce firms.

Episode 20: Top five logistics components to consider to boost your firms market value.

Why do many small and mid-sized logistics companies struggle to increase their business?
Logistics organisations seek to deliver the products to the doorsteps of their consumers as quickly and cheaply as possible. Therefore, establishing a successful logistics plan may help your organisation avoid unnecessary back charges. Because supply chains are constantly changing, many businesses build logistics strategies for specific product lines, geographic regions, or client groups, allowing them to respond to market changes in one region or business line while preserving efficiency in others. Logistics planning reduces risk in a changing environment by helping organisations to anticipate change and establish strategies to adapt to it.
In this AI-enabled logistics insight video series, we highlight some of the top five logistics components to consider while accelerating your firms market value.


In the meantime, stay tuned for the next round of AI-enabled logistics insights articles. To keep up with the episodes in real-time, follow VisAI Labs Product Manager Alphonse Raj David Saloman on Linkedin VisAI Labs, on Linkedin.

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