Edge AI-powered Computer Vision

No one creates AI-powered real-world deployable solutions like VisAI Labs

Edge Optimized AI Algorithms

Edge Computing Hardware

Camera Module

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Industry Expertise

We aim to take Computer Vision where no human has taken it before.

Combined with the 20+ years of industry-focused embedded systems experience derived from our parent firm, e-con Systems, we are always researching and working on cutting-edge AI technology. 

10,000~ hours of Vision + AI R&D resulting in CV and AI SDKs for accelerated Solution development
Partnerships and experience with Edge Vision AI processing platforms like NVIDIA®, Coral®, Intel®, etc.
20 years of imaging expertise – Helped 100s of customers integrate cameras into their products, along with e-con Systems
Experience in bringing more than 150 embedded products to the market, with a team of 250 engineers to help customers worldwide take products, from concept to production

Recent advancements in Vision and AI is taking small steps towards bringing this brain-eye coordination to machines.

Who we are

VisAI Labs uses AI + Vision to solve real-world problems for humans. VisAI Labs was founded in 2018 by an eclectic group of engineers and industry experts, and it is incubated by e-con Systems, one of the leading embedded camera manufacturers in the world. VisAI Labs aims to become one of the world's largest Edge-AI and Computer Vision Solution Providers.

What we do

We want to accelerate the real-world adoption of Edge AI CV applications by removing the chaff from the wheat. We provide a practical approach to this subject, led by a think-tank that has deep-dive expertise in Edge AI and CV.

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