4 Crucial warehouse automation tools to assist SMB e-commerce shippers to increase profitability

4 Crucial warehouse automation tools to assist SMB e-commerce shippers to increase profitability
Today the evolvement of eCommerce is remodelling the supply chain sectors. By virtue of this, several warehouse, logistics and distribution centres are battling to distribute products to the customers’ doorstep on a stipulated timescale. But how will they be able to do so promptly? Several industries are in an early phase to know by sight that automation can be the only solution to accelerate the warehouses’ operational efficiency, productivity, and market value.

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In this logistics insight video series, we give you the four pivotal warehouse automation tools to assist SMB e-commerce shippers in shooting up profitability.
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Podcast Transcript:
A sluggish warehouse has an adverse effect on the consumer experience.
Automated warehouses can do more or fewer and excel in the face of increased consumer demand.

Using technology to optimise warehouse operations has many benefits, ranging from increased efficiency to reduced human error.

In this logistics insight video series am going to share you 4 Crucial warehouse automation tools to help SMB e-commerce shippers accelerate profitability

The first tool is an automated parcel dimensioning system.

Dimensioning is the one key asset in the warehouse and logistics industries that plays a crucial role.

As parcels grow, shippers must achieve accurate measurements to get the lowest cost on any carriage.

We can capture large and small-sized freights’ precise dimensional measurements in a jiff by deploying the automated parcel dimensioning system.

The second tool is Automated Boxing And Packing Machines.

Almost any package bought by a company or a client is wrapped.

The right packed products can reduce the transportation charges, ensuing in a better customer experience.

To ensure a seamless boxing and packing process, we can deploy automated boxing and packing equipment in the warehouse and logistics.

The third in line is Automated Label Printer/Application Equipment.

Warehouses are places where unorganised piles of boxes or loose products take up space, and it can be challenging to determine which parcels are not affected by the mess, so effective warehouse management is critical.

We can efficiently address this issue by deploying Automated Label Printer/Application Equipment into the warehouse.

And with the correct labelling, we can ensure that products are quickly identified and treated during the distribution process.

The last one is cartonization Software.

Cartonization software aid in calculating the optimum container size used to transport products safely and efficiently, and it can significantly reduce the time required to pick and load containers, whether by hand or as part of an automated operation.

This is Alphonse, Product Manager of VisAI labs And that’s the logistics insight for today.

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