4 brilliant ideas for increasing warehouse productivity

4 Brilliant Ideas for Increasing Warehouse Productivity
In an age of increased online orders, warehouses and order fulfillment centers are still searching for ways to increase productivity, but how can they do so?
Setting up a tolerable working pattern is now a mammoth undertaking that requires careful attention to several significant and minor factors. As the quantity of online orders grows, some warehouses and order fulfillment centers have difficulty getting products to customers within the stipulated timeframe. Due to the high expectation of one-day and same-day deliveries, most traditional working prototypes are still a pain for eCommerce businesses. To make warehouse operations run smoothly, we need a thorough awareness of the joint pain areas and the appropriate remedy.

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This episode gives you a clear insight into improving warehouse productivity by providing four groundbreaking ideas.
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Podcast Transcript:
It’s a constant effort to keep a warehouse running smoothly to maximise returns.
You can increase efficiency by buying and maintaining current equipment, providing safe and comfortable working environments, and paying your staff fair compensation.

Here are some terrific methods to boost warehouse productivity so you can reap the benefits of a productive and efficient warehouse environment.

The first is to advance the layout of the warehouse

Examine the structure of the warehouse.

Organise your products in a logical arrangement and make sure they can be retrieved promptly and effortlessly.

Utilise a vertical automated storage and retrieval system that can be structured so that the most commonly ordered products are closest to the worker, allowing for speedier product picking.

Second, modernise Your Technology.

A variety of technologies are available to assist in making warehouse operations faster and more efficient.

Upgrading a stand-up workstation to a mobile cart with power is one of the most prominent examples.

You can also deploy an automated dimensioning system to eliminate the manual dimensioning approach.

The third is Increase Employee Satisfaction

Working in a warehouse can be exhausting.

It’s critical to make the experience as pleasant as possible, with amenities like air conditioning and soft flooring to alleviate foot and ankle discomfort.

The minor details can add up to make a significant difference.

Followed by the last is to Set up a warehouse management system (WMS).

Use these tools to deal with processes that are slowing down your warehouse management system’s performance.

A WMS can direct packing operations and control conveyors and sortation systems.

This is Alphonse, the Product Manager of VisAI Labs, And that’s the logistics insight for today.

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